Departure from Seattle

Location: Salmon Bay Lake Union near Seattle.

The Grey Pearl pulled out of her slip at 0800 hrs. PDT today and set sail for Japan. On board were friends Ron James and Cindy Braunstein. The day will end with a stop at Oak Harbor on Whidbey Island, Washington State to visit an old Navy buddy of Braun’s, Bob Graham.

On the way out of Salmon Bay we passed the fishing trawlers made famous by the Discovery Channel show “The Deadliest Catch”. Pictures of the Northwestern, Wizard and other of these boats are in the Photo Gallery of this web site. It is now the boats “off season” and they are in their home port of Seattle having made their way back from the fishing grounds of the Bearing Sea and the Gulf of Alaska. Coincidentally, these are the same bodies of water we will be crossing on our way to Japan. The difference is that they fish them in the winter months and we will are hoping for better weather crossing them in the summer. We will see.

We also transited the Shilshole lock, pictured in the photo section, kinda a mini Panama Canal. The lock drops you 18 feet down from the fresh water Lake Union to the salt water of Puget Sound. At the far end of the lock we let Ron and Cindy off so they could make commitments back east, although there was some interesting talk of them continuing to Alaska, Russia, Japan??

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12 thoughts on “Departure from Seattle”

  1. Well, GP you’re off!!. The GSSR will be quite an adventure, for sure. I can picture your beginning out of Puget Sound & north to Vancouver & the Sunshine Coast of No. BC. Very cool. Brings back recent memories & virtual pix (salmon NIC/DNF/NS).

    Have a terrific voyage… build memories… be safe. Call me when you get to Alaska — Glacer Bay. Semper Peratas!!.. Best ~ Kell.

  2. Bon Voyage, Braun and Tina. I want to put a plug in to a funky little-known marina, the Ellis Floats, halfway between Bar Point Basin and downtown. Unless you can fit in to Thomas Basin it is the closest thing to downtown.


  3. Tony Maull and Anamaria Paredes

    Braun and Tina:
    What an adventure. Reading the blog entry is like reading a Jack London novel. You’re shipping out on the Sea Witch in search of gold in the Yukon.

    Will you drive on down to SE Asia or stay put in Japan? Either way, I’m sure you’ll do Admiral Perry proud when you steam into Tokyo Harbor.

    Best wishes and bon voyage!!!!
    Tony and Anamaria

  4. Lake Union!! Spent a year on a house boat on that there lake…probably would not recognize it now….Walked out the door & looked at the Space Needle! Whitby Island is yet another haunt! I’m jealous! Best to the two of you for a safe and adventurous voyage.Karen & Rich

  5. Cannot find you on live ships is your AIS on.
    Have a wonderful trip I am so envious. Cannot wait for more messages from you all.
    If you come up the Sunshine coast you will be welcome at Secret cove marina. Just at the south end of Texada after you come through welcome passage.
    Bon Voyage.


    Braun & Tina,

    Tina, I’m guessing that you will be the one in charge of winching the crab pots up and dumping them on deck while Capt’n Braun mans the wheelhouse???

    Have an outstanding voyage! We’ll be thinking of you.

    Bob & Debbie

  7. Look forward to reading and “seeing” you. Unable to locate the GP in AIS. Have a wonderful trip. PS:we are about to start the CG classes and plan our voyage to perhaps, even as far as Hampton Roads! Dare Devils all. Regards, JJL

  8. Braun and Tina have a great trip, sounds so exciting! I’ll be watching the blog and looking for new pix as well!


  9. Bon Voyage! Be safe and happy.

    “JUBILEE” in Daytona Beach, on our way to Annapolis.

  10. YO brave sea people!

    Greetings Tina & Braun!

    Thank you so much for updating me regarding your latest departure and adventure! I simply cannot believe that you guys are going to sail to Japan! Obviously you are very, very brave – and very seaworthy!

    This must be so exciting for the two of you and any “travelers” you take on board. Hoping you will keep me updated as your travels continue. I absolutely, positively enjoy hearing about each and every single minute of your journeys.

    Please be safe – take good care – and stay in touch.

    All is okay here in Santa Fe. Spring weather and I am loving it!

    Hugs to you, Teeny Tiny Tina, and hugs to the Captain!

  11. Sonaia Hermida

    Braun, Tina & Co.,
    Tomorrow is the BIG day hey? The day you will seriously start putting your names on the ‘map’ and writing history! BRAVO!

    Have the MOST safe, enjoyable and happy trip!
    Live every moment of this exciting and challenging experience.
    We will be thinking of you and chanting for your safe arrival in Russia.
    Lots of love,
    Sonaia, Chris & Tootsy xxxxx ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Nan (aka Nancy who used to live in Old Town)

    Hey there Teeny Tiny Tina and Captain Bly!!!!

    Received your postcard from Kodiak, Alaska!!!! So happy you guys are having the BEST time! And thank you for thinking of little ole me here in Santa Fe! I’ve got the postcard pasted to my fridge!

    Hoping this finds both of you well and looking forward to the rest of your journey. I would love it if you would continue to stay in touch via email and fill me in on all the details of your adventures or misadventures. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Things here are good. My Mom in Florida always asks about you and I update her as you update me.

    Love & hugs to both of you brave sea people!

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