GSSR Recap


Please allow me to introduce you to three power boats that are voyaging around the world. They are all Nordhavn long distance expedition trawlers – Grey Pearl 62 feet long, Sans Souci 68 feet long, and Seabird 62 feet long. Thus the name of the fleet

– Grey Pearl Sans Souci Sea Bird Run or “GSSR”.

For the Spring/Summer portion of the round the world voyage the group was also known as the Great Siberian Sushi Run.

We are traveling as a group having departed Seattle in April 2009, completing the first leg of our journey in September in Osaka, Japan, where the boats are currently berthed for the winter 2009/2010.

Significant stops included:

The Inland Passage of British Columbia and Alaska

Hoonah, Alaska

Glacier Bay, Alaska

Kodiak, Alaska

Dutch Harbor, Alaska

Adak, Alaska

Attu, Alaska

Petropavlovsk, Russia

Tomakomai, Japan

Yokohama, Japan

Shimoda, Japan

Osaka, Japan

Total distance covered from Seattle to Osaka was 5,938 nautical miles.

  1. Here is an article in Ocean Navigator

    Magazine on the GSSR.

  1. There was a book written about the trip by the captain of Sans Souci, Ken Williams. Here is a link to the book.

The book includes a complete documentation of the voyage with numerous photos.


In addition to the above information here are links to web sites of the Grey Pearl, Sans Souci, and Seabird.

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